Established in 2016, Draftek Systems Limited is a leading computer training school in Abuja and an outstanding school of computing in Abuja. We are a computer school in Abuja with a difference. We are also a web design and development agency with lots of professional and experienced website designers and app developers. We have some of the best web designers in Abuja. We adopt a comprehensive curriculum of software training courses that you would hardly find in other computer schools in Abuja. As one of the best computer training schools in Abuja and a service oriented software company, we aid businesses of all sizes achieve their goals and elevate their brand presence.

Website Design & Development

Your Website is the Face of your business and it's first impression on your potential clients Online

The importance of having a website for your business and learning how to design and develope websites in today's world cannot be over emphasized. The internet is indisputably where everyone goes to do all sorts of things, such as study, research, socialize via social media, search for all sorts of things and people etc. Just incase you aren't aware, everything you see on the internet are all made up websites. Hence the knowledge of website design and it's use for your business is essential in today's world, also knowledge of website improves your employability and can land you more or better jobs as an individual regardless of your discipline, you may also use the knowledge to enhance your business and promote its brand. We adopt best practices in the use programming languages to design and develope websites for your business as well as teach and guide you on knowledge of web development. Join us today and learn how to be a web developer.

Turn your Business into a Worthy Brand

A brand simply put is how a business is viewed or perceived. It is said that one is addressed based on how he or she is dressed, same also applies to your business, We tailor your business to meet your specification and customize it to give your business that unique brand image as well as a beautiful website experience that your business so deserves. Rebrand your business with a professional website design

Create an Online presence for your Business

Design a professional website that will give your business massive publicity that will drive sales and patronage of your products and services. A professional website makes your clients take your business more serious; it gives it a better look and feel and would o